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  1. Discussing Nintendo's 2020 source code leaks. 1. Members. 4. Online. Created Jul 27, 2020.
  2. g soon with his leaker saying something like theres always another mario, of course
  3. So there's a supposed leaker on Twitter who recently shared some information about future Nintendo releases Some exerpts Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 102. Supposed leak about future (2021 and beyond) Nintendo titles and release windows. Twitter. Close. 102. Posted by 5 months ago. Supposed.
  4. r/nintendo. 2,079,542 members. Join. r/RatchetAndClank. 29,046 members. Join!LEGIT! & !DEBUNKED! Commands. The !LEGIT! command can be used in the comment section of leaks which have been proven legitimate. Just reply !LEGIT! to the comment that proves the leak to be correct. The !DEBUNKED! command can be used in the comment section of any post which has been proven false or misleading. Just.
  5. g community Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 848. Nintendo Direct, 18.02.2021. News. Close. 848. Posted by 2 months ago. 2 4. Nintendo Direct, 18.02.2021. News. There was a rumor about Direct happening on 18th, and now... Direct is indeed.

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  1. Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online launches 03.09. w/ 20 games. Crysis Remastered (23.07.) The World Ends With You 2 (2021) moon (October) Sports Story (30.07.) Fire Emblem Echoes: Flames of Elibe (Early 2021) Gradius Collection (22.07.) & Parodius Collection (29.07.) Rogue Company public alpha live after presentation, full release Spring 2021. Yokai Watch 4 (November) Code Vein Complete.
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  3. Nintendo milked the shit out of Mario Sports games for decades and they berely bring anything new to the table each installment, it's time to move on. It's very frustrating to see many Nintendo devs and partners, with solid portfolio of great games in the past, being restricted to work on Mario spin offs under the excuse of sales
  4. This can't be it can it? That would be kinda not the best leaker said its only a partial list of what they know abou
  5. Just as I said multiple times in the past already, Twilight Princess HD and The Wind Waker HD will forever be stuck on the Wii U. We would've gotten them by 2018/19 already had Nintendo ever seriously considered to port them over. 35th anniversary was the last sliver of hope

Super Nintendo Switch Pro console leaked by verified insider Robert Jones 2/22/2021. Fact check: No evidence of serial killer in Hot Springs, Arkansas, authorities say . Police: 3 dead in Texas. The 2020 Nintendo data leak, more commonly referred to as the Nintendo Gigaleak is a series of leaks of data from Japanese video game company Nintendo on the anonymous imageboard website 4chan.The releasing of data started in March 2018, but became most prominent in 2020. Nine main sets of data [citation needed] leaked on 4chan, ranging from game and console source code to internal. Nintendo is notoriously secretive about its development process, but we just got a glimpse of how the sausage is made thanks to a massive leak of data from the Nintendo Wii and N64.Among the.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Datamine reveals upcoming Summoning

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company declined to comment for this article. All game companies have leakers. (Just this week, Activision sent a subpoena to Reddit after someone leaked an alleged. The Nintendo Direct archive was recently updated. For reference the archive tends to update a couple days or a couple weeks before a direct, here's proof of. Themen: 4chan GameCube Leak Nintendo Reddit. Gaming. 4chan: Neuer Nintendo Leak zeigt tragbaren GameCube. Laut dem neuesten Leak plante Nintendo einen tragbaren GameCube. In den Archiven findet man aber viele weitere Quellcodes des Herstellers. In Pocket speichern. Lars Sobiraj 06.09.2020 8:34 Lesezeit: 2 Min. Foto Pawel Durczok, thx! Schon der letzte Data Leak im April ging vom Imageboard. Focusing on the Switch BootROM leak, Reddit user GlaDOS_Aperture who often explains contents of Nintendo leaks stated that the BootROM files leaked have to do with both Erista (Switch v1) and Mariko (Switch v2 & Switch Lite) units meaning that the BootROM for every Switch currently on the market has been leaked online

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Nintendo-Leaks: Quellecode von N64, GameCube und Wii veröffentlicht. Nintendo hat offenbar wichtige Daten bei einer Hacker-Attacke verloren. So ist unter anderem auch der Source-Code der Wii-Konsole geleakt. In Pocket speichern. Antonia Frank 04.05.2020 19:46 Lesezeit: 2 Min. Bildquelle: rodrigomullercwb. Durch eine Hacker-Attacke kam es bei Nintendo offenbar zu massiven Leaks. Demnach wurde. Neuer Leak auf Reddit sorgt für Wirbel bei Nintendo-Fans auf der ganzen Welt In vielen Leaks aus dem Netz steckt meist ein Funken Wahrheit doch etliche erweisen sich lediglich als Apirlscherz oder gut gemachte Troll-Aktion

REDDIT USER LEAKS NEW POKEMON (...) 02/26/21(Fri)04:07:59 No. 545961380. File: chrome_I59iUt7mOS.png (35 KB, 961x431) 35 KB PNG . REDDIT USER LEAKS NEW POKEMON GAMES Anonymous 02/26/21(Fri)04:07:59 No. 545961380 >FEUDAL SINNOH HOLYSHIT WE WON >> Anonymous 02/26/21(Fri)04:08:39 No. 545961426. Anonymous 02/26/21(Fri)04:08:39 No. 545961426 >>545961380 Same guy who leaked the entire direct last. So a Reddit user by the name DasVergeben leaked details regarding several games including Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Caliber 6. In addition to those, he also made several leaks about upcoming Nintendo Switch games. Here's the list (with my opinion on the matter): 1. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Coming To Switch Nintendo leak finally explains why we still have to use clunky friend codes instead of usernames By Emily Gera, Monday, 4 May 2020 23:08 GMT Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddit

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  1. dest aus einem angeblich geleakten Dokument hervor, das am Dienstag für kurze Zeit auf Reddit kursierte
  2. A massive leak of classic Nintendo games, like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are flooding social media, with fans finding early builds, unused ideas, high-definition art.
  3. Following a massive leak of Nintendo information, covering classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, archivists are grappling with the potential illegality of the.
  4. Latest Nintendo leak is full of unreleased GB and GBC games. By Thomas Hugh (T-hug) Former Staff. Sep 12, 2020 at 8:15 AM. GBAtemp & Scene News . Being referred to as Gigaleak III, this latest dump surfaced on 4chan on Thursday: Gigaleak 3 contains loads of unreleased and unfinished Game Boy and Game Boy Color games such as Pokemon Picross, Gargoyle's Quest II, Legend of the Sea King and.
  5. Having Verilog stuff leak straight from Nintendo is like being handed the rosetta stone for perfect N64 emulation. Last edited: May 2, 2020. Reactions: hariseldon, levyjl1988, thicc_girls_are_teh_best and 4 others. S. SegaShack Member. Jul 13, 2013 5,428 680 655 www.twitch.tv. May 2, 2020 #20 Any good link on where this can be discussed? Night.Ninja Banned. Feb 21, 2016 4,076 4,814 850. May 2.

Kinda similar to Let's Go in 2018, pretty sure Nintendo asked GF and TPCI to release a Pokémon game on Switch before SwSh as that would be almost 3 years after the release of the console. SirSalabean. Member. May 12, 2018 453. Feb 26, 2021 #403 Rowlett gang rowlout . Nessus. Member. Oct 28, 2017 1,923. Feb 26, 2021 #404 I don't even really care about Pokemon, but a Feudal Japan Pokemon open. NintendoWorldReport leaks internal presentation materials that provide more details on gameplay, characters, and Ubisoft's marketing plan. *Confirmed (Source 1, Source 2) January:-[11th] Anonymous 4chan user leaks most contents of the Nintendo Switch presentation, including ARMS, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, 1-2 Switch, and Snipperclips According to a list by 'GlaDOS_Aperture' on Reddit, these leaks contain: The entirety of the Pokemon Sun & Moon repository together with Ultra Sun & Moon stuff Apparently, Nintendo was working on TV Remote support on the Wii but it ended up axed (Source) Pokemon Sun & Moon are the penultimate titles in the Pokemon main series You can read the Reddit thread on the NDcube brochure here. Want more Nintendo news? What we know about Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. How to play the new Monster Hunter demo forever. Share your thoughts, or ask a question: Comments 0 . Comments. Click here to cancel reply. Nintendo Most Read. Nintendo E3 2021 Leak: Splatoon 3, Zelda Anniversary, Smash Bros & More. 1. Nintendo Leaks Claim Big.

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Rumour: Reddit user - PraticalBrush12 leaks two upcoming Pokemon Games for the Nintendo Switc Lets discuss the Massive Nintendo Leak that occurred on May 3rd 2020. What does it mean for Emulation? Will there be an FPGA Wii or N64? How will Nintendo re.. These Nintendo Gigaleaks may be strange and sometimes disturbing, but they are also pretty entertaining. While the first wave of leaks brought the discovery of Luigi in Super Mario 64, the more interesting lore is knowing that Toad smokes a cig every now and then.Sure, maybe some sprites are too heinous to include in a children's video game, but it's thrilling to know that somewhere deep. LEAK: Nintendo Stalks, Intimidates and Tries to Hire Homebrew Developers. Amie Gammons December 22, 2020 Last Updated: December 22, 2020. 1 1 minute read. Reddit has struck again. Nintendo documents have surfaced online, proving that the company itself is very intrigued - by a whole new level of infringement - in those who lean on the darker side. Instead of countering hackers and their.

In early May 2020 a leak of Nintendo Source Code hit the popular image board 4chan. The material contained in this leak was obtained by a young hacker known as Zammis Clark. More content was later uploaded throughout 2020 such as the Gigaleak which contained source code for many popular Nintendo classics. Gigaleak - SNES Source Code Leak . For more information on the original Gigaleak check. Massive Nintendo leaks have seen the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii source code leak online, among many other pieces of data Recently, Nintendo consoles and their games have been in the headlines again with EggNS, a dodgy Switch emulator for Android, earlier this week and a plethora of leaks a couple of hours ago.These leaks, which come from 4chan, contain various bits from Nintendo's past that fans will surely want to take a look at including Pokemon Emerald source code, a game map viewer for it and much more Nintendo intends to start 2021 with a bang if a recent leak is credible. According to a document, the first Nintendo Direct of the year, scheduled for Monday will reveal a plethora of new highly-anticipated titles. Super Mario Odyssey 2, Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 are all slated for release in 2021, the leak alleges. Most notable though is the announcement of two massive launches for April 23. On.

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New Nintendo Switch Pro leaks are a mess of exciting and unverified specs. Skip to main content A Reddit moderator even removed the original post referencing the data mining, noting: Rumor. We've had a lot of leaks surrounding Nintendo with the Gigaleak continuing to drip feed information online with the latest set of leaks showing the Nintendo.

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  1. Reddit user Thraxmo has shared True,but some leaks have more credibility than others,I mean the usual leaks of Nintendo's entire E3 direct presentation read more like a fans wish list than.
  2. NateDrake's prediction gained traction on Reddit August 15 after they cryptically teased that Nintendo was getting ready to announce something on the 28th along with fellow Nintendo leaker C.Tsubasa
  3. Neuer Leak auf Reddit sorgt für Wirbel bei Nintendo-Fans auf der ganzen Welt In vielen Leaks aus dem Netz steckt meist ein Funken Wahrheit doch etliche erweisen sich lediglich als Apirlscherz oder..
  4. A new Pokemon rumor from 2019 has resurfaced online after Nintendo fans discovered the several accurate predictions it leaked. Not only is the rumor two years old, but it comes from 4chan, which.
  5. Zippo, a leaker who accurately predicted several Nintendo Directs in the past, commented on Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe, two games that were rumored to come to Nintendo Switch later this year

Quelle: Nintendo Nintendo: Interne Dokumente, Source Code und mehr zu N64, Wii und Co. geleakt Nintendo ist derzeit in aller Munde: Meist wegen neuer Verkaufsrekorde oder heiß ersehnter Switch-Ports Pokémon wird 2021 25 Jahre alt und will das gehörig feiern. Laut Leaks dürfen sich Fans auf ein Remake der beliebten Diamant und Perl Editionen freuen

The leak itself comes from Reddit user PracticalBrush12, who has a track record of correctly leaking important titles before events. In particular, there is a consistent track record for correctly leaking Nintendo titles. Most notably, PracticalBrush12 leaked the most recent Nintendo Direct just before it aired. If you want to see exactly what was unveiled at the latest Nintendo Direct, you. A Reddit member who previously leaked Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch system has hinted that the teams have been working on remakes of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for the Switch. The leaker said that the remakes were planned for release in 2020, but were pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic Scott cares about this kinda stuff?Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ScottTheWozFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScottTheWoz/Instagram: https://www.instagra..

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Wow holy s***. Judging by the replies in that Reddit thread either this is one huge massive joke or this leak is 100% real. I'm happy by this news too looks good. Brush is a notable Pokémon leaker. I'm just disappointed by the Gen 4 remakes seemingly being a different team and style altogether? We'll se Skip navigation Sign in. Searc Nintendo leaks continue with massive release of game protoypes, source code, and more Posted on July 24, 2020 by Brian Reddit; Tumblr; Pinterest; More; Related. More: top. Leave a Reply. Top Posts. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles announced for Switch . The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles boxart, pre-orders open . Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection will be sold physically in Japan . Tetris. When one Reddit commenter doubted that Nintendo would accidentally leak something like this, people pointed out in the replies that they accidentally leaked Terry in Smash not too long ago, and. Reddit user Idriss2Dev has posted an image clearly depicting the controller we saw in Nintendo's patent last year, give or take a few features

Reddit. Nintendo Switch Pro (fanmade) High-profile Apple leaker hints at new Nintendo Switch console reveal or announcement at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. The new console would pack a better display screen, more powerful hardware and 4K support. E3 (short for Electronic Entertainment Expo ) was one of the main centres of events in the video-gaming industry in the last.

  1. Nintendo Switch Pro leaks again - Latest update on 4K Switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 (Image: REDDIT • NINTENDO) Sign up for FREE for the biggest new releases, reviews and tech hacks.
  2. Nintendo Direct: All the leaks about tomorrow's live stream. In the video game world, Nintendo Direct is the equivalent of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. It leads many people to try to leak what Nintendo would announce during the event. From new games & console announcements to updates about anticipated games, fans are always.
  3. Die Pokémon-Spiele der Sinnoh-Region gehören zu den beliebtesten Teilen der Fans. Ein Leak gibt erste Hinweise auf Remakes von Diamant und Perl
  4. There were roughly 30 games shown off in total during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, including releases of popular third-party games, new indies, and even some new and remastered Nintendo releases, but thanks to a leak over on Reddit, around half of them (or their titles, at least) were already doing the rounds online ahead of time
  5. Nintendo NX - Leak: Neue angebliche Fotos des Controllers aufgetaucht. Auf Reddit sind neue Fotos eines angeblichen Prototyps des NintendoNX-Controllers aufgetaucht, die sehr stark an dem vor.
  6. Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Reveals Performance and Release Date. Information from Bloomberg indicates that the new version of the Nintendo Switch console - known as Pro - may debut on the market at the end of this year. According to reports, the device will offer processing power similar to PlayStation 4 Pro. 0. Post Comment. 0. 0. IN A NUTSHELL: Nintendo Switch Pro could hit the market.
  7. g Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Now we've got another set of leaks coming from reddit, once again from someone claiming to be a AAA developer with access to the Nintendo NX development kit. They're claiming that the controllers. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled LAURA KATE DALE, Switch leaker: Reddit AMA. - Page 4

Aktuell macht ein Leak zu Mario Kart 9 die Runde. Im neusten Teil vom Nintendo Fun-Racer könnte drastische Änderungen auf die Fans warten Startseite / Playstation / Destiny 2 - Leaks auf Reddit aufgetaucht. Destiny 2 - Leaks auf Reddit aufgetaucht. Charley 9. Februar 2017 Playstation, Xbox 1 Kommentar. Es ist mal wieder soweit: Es gibt neue Gerüchte um Destiny 2. Bislang ist der Titel noch nicht einmal offiziell angekündigt, trotzdem behauptet jetzt ein angeblicher Insider auf Reddit, recht konkrete Informationen zum Spiel. Indeed, as z0m3le notes, thanks to these leaks he believes we can say with some confidence that [the Super Nintendo Switch Pro] is a PS4 with DLSS and a better cpu

Reddit; Pocket; Email; Linkedin; An attendee plays a video game using Nintendo's Wii U controller at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Jae C. Hong, Associated Press. Close to two terabytes of Nintendo secrets leaked online this week, opening up decades of legacy Nintendo secrets to software and hardware hackers, according to reports. Insiders told Popular Mechanics that a third. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled LAURA KATE DALE, Switch leaker: Reddit AMA. - Page 7 Nintendo Direct 1.13.16 Leaked on Reddit. Yoshifan 34567 • 6 January 2016 • User blog:Yoshifan 34567. Comments. So I was using Reddit yesterday and I seen this thread saying that there will be a Nintendo Direct on January 13th. Here is the information that will be revealed Mario Kart 8 will be getting a third DLC pack that will be the final one for the game. It will be released on February. Leaked documentation posted to reddit also includes a proposal for a traditional console follow-up to the GameCube. This plan would have seen an HD GameCube successor with power equal to Xbox 360. Rumor: Nintendo Direct for June 2020 Details Leak Online. A new 'leak' claims to reveal Nintendo's plan for a supposed Nintendo Direct presentation that is set to take place in June 2020

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Nintendo has again fallen victim to hackers, as the source code and design files for its best-selling console, the Nintendo Wii, have been leaked online. Over the last few weeks, multiple leaks. Quelle: Nintendo Nintendo Switch Leak: Leistungsstärker als Xbox One und mit 4G? Ein angeblicher Mitarbeiter von Foxconn hat auf Reddit vermeintlich echte Einzelheiten zur Hardware von Nintendo. Nintendo suffers huge leak, source code and design files for Wii appearing online Posted on May 2, 2020 by Brian in General Nintendo, News, Wii. A few days ago, leaks started to surface regarding some of the older Pokemon games. We were able to get a look at tons of beta designs from the Gen 2 era, which was followed by even more earlier sprites and other assets. Apparently, this Pokemon.

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Nintendo had early plans to create a similar handheld based on its iconic GameCube console, leaked internal documents suggest. The documents appear to have come from a similar source as July's. Leaks happen frequently in the video game industry, and they have varying levels of severity. Nintendo has cracked down hard on one specific site over Pokemon leaks

Massive Nintendo Leak Includes Wii Source Code, N64 Demo

Have you recovered from the last round of Nintendo leaks? You know, the ones involving a whole bunch of N64 discoveries, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl beta sprites, proposals for a portable GameCube with dock and powerful GameCube successor, and cancelled Game Boy titles (just to name a few). Well, the leaks are starting up yet again. The latest leaks include a host.. Seit einigen Tagen kursieren angebliche Leaks zu L.A. Noire 2 im Internet. Die sind bei näherem Hinsehen aber wohl eher mit Vorsicht zu genießen

Supposedly, a new file being distributed contains source codes for Nintendo 64 titles, including Super Mario 64, a corrupted version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Animal Forest, and much more, which is yet to be fully discovered. A direct source/download link to the contents of this leak cannot be shared, as they are warez Nintendo Switch Pro - Leaks give fans insight into specs ahead of release date (Image: REDDIT • NINTENDO) Sign up for FREE for the biggest new releases, reviews and tech hacks SUBSCRIBE Invalid. Nintendo hat bisher keine Pläne für Next-Gen-Hardware bekannt gegeben und konzentriert sich auf absehbare Zeit auf neue Spiele für die Switch. Die Hybrid-Konsole könnte noch bis mindestens 2023 das primär unterstützte System des Herstellers bleiben. Danach dürfte Nintendo irgendwann eine neue Konsole bringen. Ob es sich dann um eine.

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One of the most notable leaks in Super Smash Bros. history took place shortly before the Japanese release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. This leak managed to reveal the entire base roster of characters, including Jigglypuff, Ness, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Falco, Mr. Game & Watch, Wario, R.O.B., Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, Dark Pit, and Shulk. EDIT: For the uninitiated, the leak has been confirmed real by SciresM and others. Go nuts. EDIT 2: The SDK has appeared on many different warez sites. EDIT 3: Stop asking me for links. I'm not gonna go dig out the link for you. Besides, someone on /hbg/ said the original link is down. Share this article: Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Telegram WhatsApp E-mail Link. Darksabre72, Shadowehh. Ein Leak mit vielen Details auf Reddit macht Hoffnung auf ein düsteres Harry Potter-RPG, das schon bald enthüllt werden soll. von Annika Bavendiek , 08.06.2020 13:35 Uh A lot of these leaks are rather sketchy as we've previously reported. And it's difficult to tell if they refer to a next-generation Nintendo Switch or a boosted 'Pro' version of the current Switch.

Nintendo Direct Leak: Im Februar mit neuem Mario, Metroid

Nintendo hopes to have the park open by the start of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Here's hoping we get an official, full reveal soon. [source facebook.com, via nintendowire.com Reddit user and video game news leaker DasVergeben claims that Grand Theft Auto 5 and a number of other games will soon be announced for the Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch; LEAK & SPOILER: Zwei bevorstehende Pokémon-Spiele für Nintendo Switch, eines im feudalen Sinnoh [Update] Von. Kevin Krämer - 26. Februar 2021. 3. 5562 . Es sind Bilder und Videos des Sinnoh-Spiels geleakt worden, die das Spiel von Game Freak zeigen, welches 2022 erscheinen soll. Bei der offenen Spielwelt kommt augenscheinlich ein richtiges Breath of the Wild-Feeling auf. Mit der Nintendo Switch hat das japanische Gaming-Unternehmen einen echten Verkaufsschlager gelandet. Dennoch verdichten sich die Gerüchte um eine zweite, leistungsstärkere Version der Konsole

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EA accidentally leaks Apex Legends' Switch release date According to a now-deleted leak, Apex Legends' upcoming Nintendo Switch version will release a lot sooner than you think. Derek Stricklan Die Nintendo Switch soll der Weltöffentlichkeit erst am 13. Januar genauer vorgestellt werden. Doch schon im Vorfeld tauchen immer wieder neue Infos und Details zur mysteriösen Konsole auf. Nun wurden während eines Livestreams auf YouTube weitere Leaks zur Switch enthüllt.Die..

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Nintendo-Leaks: Code von Wii und N64 im Netz aufgetaucht

Weeks before the games came out Reddit and 4chan were filled with leaked info and images on all the new pokémon in the games, which is odd because usually Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are. A now-deleted Reddit thread accurately predicted Nintendo's announcement of an 'Animal Crossing' Direct. It also claimed that there will be another presentation in mid-March that will include. Die Videospielkonsole Nintendo Wii U hat nicht an die enormen Erfolge der Vorgänger-Konsole anknüpfen können, weswegen mit der nächsten Generation Nintendo NX der alte Erfolg zurückkehren soll. Bis zur offiziellen Vorstellung wird es noch ein weinig dauern, weswegen Leaks zur Konsole und Zubehör sehr begehrt sind. Auch wenn es sich allen Anschein nach um Täuschungen handelt

Download Three Cute Animal Crossing: New HorizonsZelda: Link's Awakening remake screenshots - Nintendo
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